Community Size and Description

Whitestone is a large city in the southern region of Navaek. It lies just outside The Misty Forest with the mountains at its back. The city is protected heavily by the environment; Fogs from the mountains drift into the forest, making it extremely difficult to navigate and the mountains on the backside of the town protect the city from surprise attacks from Lunaris. As if all of that wasn’t enough, the city is also surrounded by high walls constructed from the marble that’s abundant in the sprawling caves of the mountains.



Town Trade

Ores, precious gems, some agriculture


Whitestone is the oldest settlement in Navaek. Little is known about its earliest years, but every once in a while mining expeditions break into areas of the city long since forgotten about. Likewise, several building projects have unearthed destroyed sections of the city that lie below the current city suggesting Whitestone is even older than thought.

The city served as Navaek’s capital for a good long while before some fool of a king granted his wife’s wish to never leave her home town of Karfjord. To this day the city is still governed by a branch of the royal family. Its current duke is Lord Athel, cousin to princess Aurelia and nephew of the late king.



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