Minor deity of the sun and moon

​physical description

Raiya is commonly associated with not one, but two physical manifestations (which has lead to the very serious debate on whether or not this is one deity or two.

Those who worship the more lunar side of this goddess often depict her as having a willowy frame with skin pale as moonlight (no pun intended). Her hair is a light blonde that can appear silver and her facial features are a striking mix of elven and human that a half-elf could only dream of possessing- it’s no wonder that eladrin are often associated with her and serve as her chief worshippers. They also strongly hold to the belief that Raiya is not one but two seperate goddesses named Rae (sun) and Iya (moon). They believe humans have perverted the image of these deities into one being.

Those who worship the sun side of this goddess often depict her as being more shapely with olive skin and chestnut hair. Her features are often depicted as being entirely human with large round eyes the color of molten gold and an overall softer look. Humans hold to the belief that Raiya is a single deity who appears as her human sun-filled self during the daylight hours and transforms into a beautiful- but still human- goddess of the night.

Needless to say, there’s a good bit of friction between elven worshipers and human worshipers.​


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